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Coronavirus update: All non-essential activities, trips and visits, including visits into school, have been temporarily suspended. For further details, please see our latest letter.


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Privacy Notices

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) incl Test and Trace - Pupils, Parents and Staff - TRF.pdfDownload
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Single Equality Policy and Objectives

Equalities objectives

Our Equalities Objectives, based on needs analysis, for the period 2018-2022 are:


 to narrow the gap in performance of pupil premium pupils;

 to reduce exclusion rates for pupil premium boys;

 to increase understanding of different religious groups;

·to reduce the number of homophobic incidents;

·to raise attainment in English for boys.


Indicators of progress towards the objectives are reviewed annually.

If you require a paper copy of information on the school website, please contact us.  This will be provided free of charge.